Marine Detailing

Marine Detailing

Master the Waves in Style

At Jays Detailing, we understand the joy and passion that boating enthusiasts experience. Whether you’re sailing on tranquil lakes, cruising along picturesque rivers, or exploring waterways, we recognize the challenges that come with maintaining the pristine condition of your marine vessel. That’s where we come in – empowering you to combat stubborn contamination effectively.

Located in Kentucky, our premier detailing shop is staffed with highly skilled marine vehicle care experts who specialize in meticulous cleaning, decontamination, and enhancement of various watercraft, including boats, jet skis, and more. We take pride in our attention to detail, going the extra mile to ensure that your marine vessel looks its absolute best.

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We adapted IGL Marine into our arsenal. You are looking at a minimum of 3 years if maintained properly What should we use as after care for our ceramic coating. We recommend you use American Detailer Garage Wipeout( as a wash or quick detailer)along with the American Detailer Garage Ignite

Ceramic coating for your boat offers the ultimate protection against UV rays, while also providing easier cleaning and maintenance, as well as enhanced gloss and clarity.