Corrosion Control

Corrosion Control

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Protect your investment with Jays Detailing’s expert Corrosion Control services. Our comprehensive solutions shield your equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion on your Equipment or the undercarriage of your vehicle. With advanced protective coatings, tailored plans, and rust mitigation expertise, we ensure long-lasting defence and restoration. Choose Jays Detailing for quality service, customized solutions, and customer satisfaction. Schedule a consultation today and discover how our Corrosion Control services can keep your vehicle in prime condition for years to come.

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How we do it?

Ecoclear Aegis is an anti-corrosion clear coating. Formulated as a silicone hybrid resin-based 2-component (2K) paint system, Aegis is reinforced with graphene to boost performance and mechanical properties. Aegis is specifically designed to protect steel, concrete, glass, and all other kinds of surfaces in high corrosive environments (C5). 

Hydrophobic, self-cleaning, lightweight and durable, Aegis has been tested for up to 3,000 hours in a salt spray machine (approximately 15 years in a non-marine environment) with minimal signs of degradation. 

As a unique anti-corrosion clear coating system, signs of corrosion is detected immediately, allowing early preventive measures. Saving time, costs, and accidents.


What To Expect


Salt spray tested for 3000 hours.


Detects early signs of corrosion easily and quickly.


Free from Lead, Chromium, Zinc and Xylene.


Reinforced with Graphene Nanotubes for clarity, improved strength, additional protection and durability.


At approximately 50μm per layer, Aegis is one of the lightest and most durable anti-corrosion coatings available.


Water contact angle that surpasses 90° (hydrophobic) requiring less maintenance.